Get the Service and Experience You Deserve

At Brian Jessel BMW, we believe that every BMW should bring our customers the same satisfaction unique to BMW drivers. This is why we are consistently committed to providing our customers an all-encompassing service program.

With over 40 certified technicians at Brian Jessel BMW, your BMW is guaranteed to be left in good hands. Valet service, vehicle wash and interior vacuum are complimentary to ensure that our customers’ BMW experience does not stop, even with their car in the shop.

There is no expiry date on the Ultimate Driving Experience.

Brian Jessel BMW’s Heritage Service Program is our way of recognizing BMW owners who share the same excitement of getting behind the wheel of a BMW, regardless of model or year. We understand that your investment in a BMW is also an investment in BMW heritage and premium service.

In honoring BMW heritage, all BMWs of 6 years or older are automatically eligible for a 15% discount off standard labour rates, while all original BMW parts are 10% off*. At Brian Jessel BMW, age is but a number.


You deserve to be enjoying every moment spent in your BMW. We ensure this with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty on all parts installed at Brian Jessel BMW. Our Brian Jessel BMW Mobility program, including valet service, is available to you at anytime for a nominal fee. The ultimate driving experience means being on the road, free of all concern.

* Discount applies to vehicles that are 6 years or older. Value added package priced are excluded. Applicable fees & taxes extra. Brian Jessel BMW Heritage Program pricing is subject to change and cannot be combined with any offers and/or discounts.